Who are the admins?
Athony & Michelle
Contact Us: workwithathony [@] gmail.com

How can I join your program?
Register on the main page.

Can I register if I am outside USA?
Everyone worldwide is welcome here!

Is my personal information protected?
Yes. Any personal information that you provide to us is collected solely for use of your account.
Your information will never be shared, rented, sold or provided to anyone except as required by law.
Please refer to our Terms of Service.

What payment processors do you accept?
G Pay, CashApp, etc. Ask us about other ways to pay.

How do you pay commissions?
G Pay, CashApp, Paypal and US postal... ask us about other ways we can send you your earnings.

What are the requirements to join?
Members must read our Terms of Service before joining.

Can I set up more than 1 account using the same IP?
Yes! Using a different email address.

Can I be a FREE member?
Yes. You can join and start referring others for free. Your earnings will be held in your account until you upgrade your account.
You can use your earnings to upgrade your account.

Can I change the person who referred me?
No. We do not allow sponsor changes.

How much can I earn?
That all depends on you. Refer at least 5 people if not more. As your referrals upgrade
you will earn. As your referrals start to refer others, down 4 levels... you will earn even more.

How do you pay and when?
Pay period is Monday thru Sunday of the previous week. All members receive their commission earnings on the following Wednesday.

Terms of Service
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